Sambhavana Seth engaged to boyfriend Avinash Dwivedi

Former ‘Bigg Boss’ contestant Sambhavana Seth got engaged to boyfriend Avinash Dwivedi. The couple were in a steady relationship for five years. Sambhavana and Avinash met on the set of a regional show in which Avinash, a professional dancer mentored Sambhavana. The two became good friends and finally their friendship culminated into love

But the saddest part is that Sambhavana got engaged without the consent of her parents. Her parents is against the relationship because Avinash is not financially stable. It took so long for the couple to get engaged because over these years Sambhavna was trying to convince her parents to accept Avinash and their love.

The couple opted for hush hush engagement because Sambhavana’s parents recently uploaded her profile on a matrimonial site. Finally, Sambhavna has decided to get engaged with her parents' approval.

Informs a friend of the couple, "Sambhavana has tried her best to convince her parents, but they have their reservations about him as he is not as successful as her. However, the couple decided to get engaged and they plan to get married soon."

Sambhavana, who was last seen in 'Razia Sultan', confirms, "I would have taken this step last year itself, but I was hoping for my parents to agree, which didn't happen. Both Avinash and I can't stay without each other. I am hoping they will understand and support us."