Salman's tweets on Yakub Memon creates uproar, deletes tweets

Salman Khan’s latest tweet about Yakub Menon has drove lots of criticism. He has been slammed by twitterati for tweeting that instead of Yakub Memon, his brother Tiger Memon should be hanged. As Salman trolls on twitter for his controversial tweets regarding the convict of 1993 blasts in Mumbai, the superstar on Sunday evening apologized and clarified his statement.

Salman said that his father Salim Khan wanted him to retract his tweets "as they have the potential to create misunderstanding". The ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ actor deleted all the earlier tweets.

"What I said is that Yakub Memon should not hang for him (Tiger). I have not said or implied that Yakub Memon is innocent. I have complete faith in the judicial system of our country.

"Many lives were lost in the Mumbai blasts. And I have repeatedly said the loss of (even) one innocent life is equal to the loss of all humanity.

"My dad ... said I should retract my tweets as they have the potential to create misunderstanding. I hereby retract them.

"I would like to unconditionally apologize for any misunderstanding I may have created unintentionally.

"I also strongly condemn those who are claiming my tweets are anti-religious. I have always said I respect all faiths and I always will," the actor tweeted.

In his previous tweets, Salman also called Tiger Memon a coward for letting his brother face the consequence.

"We can die for our family. Tiger, your brother will be hanged for you in some days. Say something, make a statement or address that it was you. What kind of brother are you?"

The ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ actor also asked Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to share details about Tiger's whereabouts with Indian authorities.

"Where are you hiding Tiger? Sharif Saab, I would request you to let us know about Tiger, if you have any information about him.

"I've been wanting to tweet this for three days and was afraid to do so but it involves a man and his family. Don't hang brother, hang the fox who ran away."

While talking to Zee Media, Salim Khan said,"Salman should have thought sensitively before tweeting in support of Yakub."

Following the controversial tweets, around 50 policemen were deployed outside his Galaxy Apartment in Bandra in fear of possible violence.

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Mumbai president Ashish Shelar condemned Salman by calling his remarks an "insult to all Mumbaikars".

Shiv Sena president Uddhav Thackeray declined to react. "Whether action should be taken against him (Salman), let it be decided by the people concerned with the case."

Bollywood largely kept mum on Salman’s latest tweets but filmmaker Sudhir Mishra reacts. The filmmaker said, "And by the way many Indians share his views. Please react and talk to him with respect."