Salman’s sister Arpita caught in a brawl at Kunal’s party

Salman Khan’s sister Arpita Khan and Lisa Bocarro who accompanied Yuvraj Singh at Kunal Khemu’s birthday bash had a heated exchange of work after Lisa used the ‘f’ word for Arpita. Arpita was shocked to hear the unpleasant word and she burst out at Lisa Bocarro. Lisa claimed to play a special appearance in  Sohail Khan's film 'Fight Club' (2005).

It all happened when Arpita was chatting with a friend at the party when a social associate named Mariam tapped her shoulder to say hello. Lisa, who was next to Mariam, apparently pointed a finger at Arpita and used the 'f' word. "A shocked Arpita could barely respond when Lisa let loose a volley of abuses at her and pushed her," said an eye-witness. Lisa is the same person who created crack in Yuvraj and Arpita’s friendship last year.

The host tried to play peacemaker between the two and calm the situation but failed to do so as both the women became volatile. "Arpita demanded to know how Lisa managed to get invited to the party and that she should be thrown out of the place. She then called up her brother Sohail," the eye witness said. The big brother arrived in the next fifteen minutes. With neither of the ladies willing to give up, Lisa was eventually asked to leave the party and Yuvraj too left with her.

The eyewitness said: "That is a thing of the past. There were a few misunderstandings last year." When contacted Lisa denied any brawl at the party, she said , "I am a very ladylike person. Foul language does not exist in my dictionary. There was a misunderstanding yes, but that was between Arpita and someone else. When I saw so much commotion happening around me, I decided to leave the party. And yeah, Yuvi also left with me."

Arpita said, "The incident was very uncalled for. I wouldn't like to be associated with such people." A friend of Yuvi called up to say: "The provocation came from Arpita's side. Yuvi even tried to play the peacemaker."

The guests at the party include, Kareena Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan, Virat Kohli, Arshad Warsi and wife Maria, Abhay Deol, Sharman Joshi with his wife.