Salman enjoys kite festival with Narendra Modi

Salman Khan was in Ahmedabad on Tuesday to celebrate kite festival with Narendra Modi. Salman called Mr. Modi “a good man” and “a great man”. He even acknowledged the developments that have taken place in Gujarat in the tenure of Mr. Modi as a Chief Minister. The superstar’s compliments for the prime ministerial candidate meant a major triumph for Mr. Modi. The whole affair was marked as a major image building exercise for Narendra Modi.

However, Salman did not say that his vote goes to Narendra Modi. He smartly said that let the best man win. However, as Salman enjoys a huge fan following especially among the Muslim underclass, his wishes for Narendra Modi meant lots for the latter.

For this BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate, whose image has been marred a little by Gujarat riot which claimed the lives of more than 1200 people and mostly Muslim, a visit by superstar Salman Khan and a shower of praises by him meant a lot for his public image. This was clearly seen as a publicity stunt by Mr. Modi.

Modi was quick to publicize his interaction with Dabangg Khan. He posted 4 tweets in 3 hours including two photographs with Salman Khan. At 12.58 pm, Modi tweeted, “Enjoying Uttarayan in Ahmedabad. Salman Khan will join for lunch.” Then he posted a photograph of him with Salman Khan. Then after some time, he again tweeted, “Having Undhiyu for lunch with Salman Khan. Undhiyu is a Gujarati delicacy and is a must-have during Uttarayan!” After two hours, he again tweeted, “It was good to see Salman Khan trying his hand at flying kites! He flew the kites well.”

Salman had basically came to Ahmedabad in order to promote his upcoming movie ‘Jai Ho’. He visited Uttarayan, which is an International kite festival. There he met Modi who was also present to fly kites.

Salman talked about Narendra Modi. He said, “The best man for Bharat, for India should be prime minister.”

He also added, “Jo unki taqdeer mein ho hoga, woh Modi saab ko milega (Modi saab will get whatever he is destined to).”

Towards the end of a meeting with media, Salman said about Narendra Modi, “Aaj pehli baar mulakat hui hai and I hope yeh mulakatein badhti rahe. We get along. He is a great man. I wish him all the very best in real life.”