Salman’s ‘Kick’ or Hrithik’s ‘Bang Bang’, which is stronger?

Salman Khan’s next film ‘Kick’ faced some delays during production and at one point there were doubts whether the film will get to release around Eid. Knowing Salman’s preference of releasing his films around Eid, it would have been a setback for the star. But now it looks like all the issues have been sorted out and the film will release on Eid. The trailer of the film was released 2 weeks ago and went on to receive record number of hits on YouTube. The song ‘Jumme Ki Raat’ from the film has also become a hit. In the film Salman will be playing a grey character for the first time. He has also performed some daredevil stunts as seen in the trailer. Thanks to all these factors, a huge buzz has been created around the film and with no releases from either SRK or Aamir Khan, anytime soon, the road to a huge hit looked clear for Salman.

But things suddenly got more interesting with the release of the mind blowing first look poster of Hrithik Roshan -Katrina Kaif starrer ‘Bang-Bang.’ From the initial response, it looks like the ‘Greek God’ will pose tough competition to ‘Dabaang’ Khan. Both the films have the leading men playing never before seen characters, both have super hot leading ladies in the form of Jacqueline Fernandez and Katrina Kaif and both films feature high octane action and stunts. Although the films will be released two months apart, ‘Kick’ in July and ‘Bang Bang’ in October, everyone will be looking forward to see which film ends up as the bigger success.

Already comparisons have begun between the two films over which one has the better action scenes.  While ‘Kick’ is definitely impressive, some insiders are saying that ‘Bang Bang’ will pip it. ‘Bang Bang’ is the official remake of Hollywood blockbuster ‘Knight and Day’ which starred Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. To reach the international standard the makers shot all the action sequences in Abu Dhabi. As per reports, Hrithik has performed Bollywood’s biggest ever stunt sequence with 120 cars. He drove a high end car whose model has been kept a mystery. The budget of the film is also one of the highest ever. With two such hi-profile films getting ready to release, temperatures in Bollywood will surely rise. In the past, Hrithik got the better of Salman as ‘Krissh 3’ did better at the box office than ‘Ek Tha Tiger.’