Salman Khan’s girlfriend Lulia staying with his parents

Well, here is a new update about Salman Khan’s love story.  Salman Khan who is dating a Romanian beauty, Lulia Vantur is reportedly staying with his parents at his residence. It is rumored that Salman Khan and Lulia are dating and they are constantly in touch. When she visited India few months back, Salman would quickly wrap up ‘Mental’ shoot and give company to Lulia who was new to the place and has no friends.

Lulia is currently in India and is leaving with Sallu’s parents for a particular reason. She is not familiar with the place and moreover she does not know the language. Salman who is always ready to help people in distress comes forward and showed his generosity to his new found love. The hunk and the Romanian beauty is said to be in love and Salman is also planning to take his relationship to the next level.

Salman in the past dated few Bollywood actress but neither of his relationship were successful. In the beginning of his career, he dated Sangeeta Bijlani then he was in love with Pakistani starlet Somy Ali. Salman and Aishwarya broke-up publicly and latest to leave him all alone is Katrina Kaif.

Salman was truly in love with the Kat and even contemplated marriage but Katrina wants to go ahead with her career and not ready to settle down at the moment.

 Hope, his search ends with Lulia and he settles down with her.