Salman’s advice to Geeta: If I were you, I wouldn’t have returned

Superstar Salman Khan got to interact with Geeta, the Indian girl who has been living in Pakistan for 15 years now. The 23-year-old girl’s story is strikingly similar to that of the actor’s latest film ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ where a Pakistani child is stranded in India and Salman takes her back home.

Geeta is believed to have mistakenly crossed into Pakistani territory as a child and was found by Pakistan Rangers from Lahore railway station. She was later taken in by an NGO Edhi Foundation. But Geeta now wants to return to home to her real parents.

Interacting with Geeta and her foster family on the NDTV show  ‘The Buck Stops Here’, Salman thanked Bilquis Bibi for taking care of the mute child and raising her.

“She looks so good, it’s like you took care of her like your own child. We just hope that when she comes back she receives just as much love from her parents,” Salman said.

When Geeta explained in sign-language that she wanted to return to India, a bewildered Salman said, “They housed you since such a young age, took care of you like their own and yet you’re not happy. Why?”  

Geeta who has watched ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ twice seemed to be influenced by the film. She replied that if she were not sent home, she’ll ask Salman to take her home on his shoulders.

The actor felt that the love and care Geeta received from the NGO all these years were beyond measure and gave his honest advice saying, “If I were in your place Geeta, I would have never wanted to return.”  Salman said this referring that Geeta has been taken good care of by Bilquis Bibi. The actor once again expressed his gratitude to Edhi Foundation and said, “Hopefully she will find her parents, but what you have done for her all these years is truly amazing.”

Meanwhile, at least four families have claimed Geeta to be their child, but the girl said she doesn’t know them. She added that even if her family may not be able to recognise her, she remembers their faces and will be able to know them.