Salman will always be a special person in my life, Jacqueline

Jacqueline Fernandez, who will be next seen in ‘Brothers’ has talked about her special bonding with Salman Khan. Jacqueline said that she will never forget Salman’s contribution to her career. She has tasted her first success with ‘Kick’ and has been receiving offers one after the other.

"Salman will always be that special person in my life because he was able to change my career. I will never ever forget what he has done for me. On the personal front too, he has advised me as a friend and family, something I couldn't have even asked for," Jacqueline said.

‘Kick’ changed Jacqueline’s career. "Salman is genuinely a nice man who helps people. He is someone who I trust blindly. I think he has been an important person in my life," she said, adding that she even seeks advise from the 'Dabangg' star regarding her films."I do take his advise as he knows the best. He knows what works, he understands the audience well. He also told me that whosoever's advice I take, ultimately final decision has to be mine," Jacqueline said.

The 'Roy' star said that post 'Kick' she signed three films this year and is looking forward to shoot five movies next year.

"After 'Kick', this year I did three films. Next yearI will be hopefully shooting five films. 'Kick' has taken me where I had wished to be.. It is because 'Kick' happened, I got the opportunity to work every day," she said.

‘Kick’ sequel does not have Jacqueline but she is happy that she was part of the prequel.

 "I would miss being part of 'Kick 2'. But the great part is I was part of the first project and no one can take that away from me," the 29-year-old actress said.