Bigg Boss 7: Salman was biased towards Tanisha, says Kushal

Due to his bad behavior, Bigg Boss asked Kushal Tandon to leave the house. Kushal’s alleged girlfriend Gauhar Khan also left the house with him. Kushal has not only picked up fights with Tanisha Mukherjee but he physically assaulted VJ Andy when the latter passed unpleasant comment about Gauhar Khan. Salman Khan stood against Kushal for Tanisha and Kushal felt that the superstar was biased towards Tanisha.

Kushal felt he has not done anything wrong and Salman just overreacted. "I was a huge fan of Salman. I did not expect that Salman bhai will do this to me. But I also understand his emotions. He is emotional like me and I could relate to him. It was his personal decision but he was biased towards Tanisha. I haven`t done anything wrong," Kushal said.

When Kushal Tandon disrespects Tanisha, Salman Khan turned furious and he blamed him and warned Kushal for his wrong behavior. Salman also expressed his feeling of quitting the show due to such bad incident. Situation turned worse when after fighting with Tanisha, Kushal tried to run away from the house.

Kushal claimed that he fought with VJ Andy because he disrespected women Gauhar Khan and Pratyusha Banerjee - in the house during the luxury budget task `Ignore the obvious`. He justified that Andy passed nasty remark about Gauhar which he could not digest.

"When somebody says bad things about my friends, I am not going to listen to him. Andy said wrong things about Pratyusha`s character and Gauhar`s personal stuff. I stood for them. When Armaan (Kohli) curses women and later apologises to them then that act is fine in the house," he says.

Kushal who is romantically linked up with Gauhar Khan in the show said that she became more than a good friend for him after she quit the show without caring about anything.

"Gauhar is now more than a good friend to me. She left the house because she felt Bigg Boss was doing injustice to me. Apart from Gauhar, other contestants like Pratyusha and Kamya had also packed their bags with me. But they didn`t come out because of their contract. Gauhar still left with me," he says.

Kushal Tandon says if audience want he will be back on the show and he has no repent about his action.

"After coming out of the house, I spoke to many people and they said they are with me and support my decision. If my audience want me then I will be back on the show again and that day I will think that I will win the show. I don`t think my acts on the show will tarnish my image and I won`t get any work in the future," he says.