Salman wants to bring Adrian Pallicki to India for 'Dr. Cabbie'

The beautiful Adrian Pallicki is a well known star from the film ‘G.I. Joe: Retaliation’. It is heard that she will be in India to promote the release of her latest film 'Dr. Cabbie'. 'Dr. Cabbie' is an Indo – Canadian movie about an immigrant Indian doctor in Canada. As he lands in the new country and doesn’t find a suitable job, he is forced to take up the work of a cab driver. However, he turns the cab into a mobile medical unit and becomes a local hero. The role of the doctor is played by Vinay Virmani. The other notable actors in the film are Adrian Pallicki, Katrina Kaif’s younger sister Isabel Kaif and Kunal Nayyar. The film is directed by Jean-Francois Pouliot and co-produced by Salman Khan.

The film is all set to be shown in the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival in September this year. However, the flick will release in India much later this year, when Salman Khan will be free from promoting his big film ‘Kick’. Salman Khan is the official presenter of the film 'Dr. Cabbie'. It is rumored that big promotional events are planned for the India release of 'Dr. Cabbie' and Salman wants entire cast of the film to be present in India for doing the promotion.

An insider source informs that, "While Salman has convinced Izabelle Kaif (Katrina's sister) who has a pivotal role in 'Dr Cabbie', to be in India for the film's Indian release, Adrianne was not so keen until her co-star Vinay convinced her that a trip to India would be just the stress-buster she needed."

Speaking on the occasion Vinay Virmani commented, "We do want to come with 'Dr Cabbie' to India. The film is produced outside but its heart is completely Indian. It's the story of a qualified Indian doctor who ends up as a taxi driver in Canada.”

Vinay Virmani, the Canadian actor of Indian origin has high hopes pinned on the film. 'Dr Cabbie' is having a huge release in India and this is a good chance for the actor to hit it big in Bollywood and internationally. The last notable performance of the actor was in Bejoy Nambiar's film ‘David’, where he played one of the lead roles. Vinay is also working in Deepa Mehta’s upcoming film ‘Komagata Maru’. The release date of the film is not yet announced but it is believed that it might be released this year.