Salman-Vivek may clash at the 10th Rajiv Gandhi Awards event

Everyone is well aware of the past animosity between actors Salman Khan and Vivek Oberoi due to a certain Miss World. Although the clash between the two has happened many years back, it seems Salman Khan is not really willing to forgive and forget even though Vivek has tried his best to break the ice. And now both Vivek Oberoi and Salman Khan may come face to face in front of a public audience at the 10th Rajiv Gandhi Awards.
While Salman will be receiving an award in the Best Actor Category, Vivek will be performing on stage at the event. Unfortunately the organizers have placed Vivek’s performance which is the final act just a few minutes prior to Salman receiving his award. However now everyone seems to be holding their breath as Salman and Vivek may actually come face to face and fireworks may erupt. But since the organizers have already made an error they are taking likely steps to ensure damage control. The creative director of the event, Aarti Matoo says “Salman will be seated right in front of the stage and will enter and exit the stage from the front, while Vivek will be backstage and will leave the stage from there itself.” She also further adds “I think the problems between Salman and Vivek are now over and done with. They both are sensible and mature human beings and we are sincerely hoping there is no clash between them.”

Although the organizers of the event would like to believe that the hatchet between the two actors has been buried, it is well known that Salman Khan even today refuses to acknowledge Vivek and recently he even belittled the actor when he was asked if he would ever work with him. On working with Vivek, Salman said “Oh Vivek that little idiot, of course I would not.” Salman is known to be extremely unforgiving when he dislikes someone. John, Bips and many others have often been at the receiving end of his unforgiving nature . So if the two actors come face to face, what will Vivek do? Congratulate Salman of course on winning the award, however it’s unlikely that Salman will accept the congratulations and may just leave Vivek with an outstretched hand looking like a fool all over again.