Salman to justify his actions in court today

Salman Khan would be appearing in court today, Friday regarding the hit-and-run case of 2002. The actor would be putting up his defense and explaining his side of the story. This would be a significant day for him as he would get the chance to explain what lead him to injure four people and kill one person on the night of the mishap. It would be significant for media and the public as well, as people are waiting to hear what India’s superstar has to say about the grave accusations.

On Wednesday, judge DW Deshpande had ordered Salman to present himself before the court on Friday. He had said that the actor would be given a chance to speak for himself and his statements would be recorded under the Section 313 of Criminal Procedure Code (CrPc). Evidence has been collected from over 25 witnesses in this case. Salman would be would be answering questions pertaining to the evidence. Special public prosecutor Pradeep Gharat informed Press Trust of India that Under CrPc, the accused is permitted to give his statements on the evidence that the prosecution has presented against him. Moreover, the court can ask Salman to give clarify any ambiguity that may have risen during the trial.

The actor’s statement would be recorded and then he would be given the chance to examine the defense witnesses in case he wants to. The court would be hearing the arguments of both sides, followed by its verdict - as Pradeep Gharat said. This is a fresh trial that is being held in sessions court, after the Magistrate raised the charges of culpable homicide that does not amount to murder. It involves a punishment of up to 10 years. The prosecution had accused that Salman was under the influence of alcohol. Witnesses had been examined to prove that Salman had been to a bar late at night with his friends after which the incident of hit-and-run had taken place.

The prosecution further accused the actor of not having a driving license when he was driving his car- Land Cruiser SUV that night. The statement regarding this was given by Ravindra Patil- the police bodyguard of Salman Khan. Patil, who had passed away because of tuberculosis on 3rd October 2007, had given his statement to a Magistrate that he had requested Salman to not drive recklessly. But the actor did not listen to Patil.