Salman to host his first reality show?

Salman KhanAfter Amitabh successfully started the trend of hosting reality or quiz shows, it was followed by Shahrukh and now it seems like another bollywood hero Salman Khan has decided to follow suit. Sources claim Salman will be a hosting a reality show on television for the first time for the Sony channel and he is reportedly being paid a whopping Rs. 89 crores for 104 episodes of the show. 

This is the first time that Salman will be hosting a reality show for Sony channel and it supposedly meant to compete with Shahrukh's quiz (reality) show 'Kya aap paanchvi class se tez hain' on Star Pus. Salman's reality show will supposedly be held around June, some where around the same time that Shahrukh's show will be aired. SRK's quiz show was supposed to begin in April but as it seems to be clashing with the IPL matches of which SRK is also a prominent part, he is trying to get it postponed for a bit. A source claims "The format of Salman's show is almost ready, but the channel is keeping it under wraps right now." Sources also claim that Salman is being paid an enormous amount of Rs. 89 crores for 104 episodes of the show.  

However Salman Khan with his unpredictable nature seems the least likely candidate to host a reality show which involves interacting with others at a personal level. However Salman can be quite witty, entertaining and charming when he wants to be. Salman's caring and charitable attitude too will also come across in this show. However neither Salman nor the head of Sony was willing to confirm anything yet. It seems like many of our bollywood celebs are opening up to the idea of doing television shows, of course the enormous fees they receive is definitely a big enticer. So will SRK and Salman's reality shows clash and compete with each other?