Salman to help Katrina’s mother

It is known to all that Katrina Kaif’s mother Suzanne Turquotte runs a charity for orphan by the name Mercy Home in Madhuri, Tamil Nadu in India. She is totally involved in the charity for many years and Katrina also helps her mother financially for better future of the orphans. Now the orphans have grown up and her mother wants to build a school for them with modern teaching instruments. Katrina wants Salman to help her mother financially in building up the school for the orphans.

A source informs, "Besides Suzanne, Katrina also takes part in all the major decision-making for Mercy Home as the project is close to her heart. They are now planning to build a school with modern facilities. But it's too early to reveal any details."

Katrina Kaif also said, "I'm happy that my mom is so involved (in education and charity). Now, she's building a school since the children (from the orphanage) are growing up. She's bought a property close to Mercy Home. Hopefully, Being Human can help fund the school for us."

Salman Khan too runs a charity ‘Being Human’ for the poor and underprivileged and he also donates wholeheartedly to social organizations and it is for sure that he will help Katrina’s mother charity in building a well equipped school.