Salman to do cameo in Riteish's Marathi film

In recent years Ritiesh Deshmukh has been getting involved in the Marathi film industry apart from his Bollywood career. His first brush with Marathi films was as a producer. In 2013, he produced his first film, the Marathi feature film ‘Balak Palak’ which dealt with the subject of sex education. The film received praises from critics and now Ritiesh is planning to do a Hindi remake. In 2014, Ritiesh produced the Marathi film ‘Yellow’ which received high critical acclaim and won the Special Jury Award, at the National Film awards ceremony. Ritiesh Deshmukh is now all set to make his Marathi acting debut with the action packed film ‘Laal Bhaari.’

The project received a huge boost when it was announced that none other than Bollywood big shot Salman Khan will be doing cameo role in the film. Ritiesh confirmed the news on Twitter and also clarified that out of generosity Salman himself wanted to play a small part in the film. On 2nd July, he tweeted, "Correction: Salman Khan never approached me for a role - but he graciously offered to be a part of #LaiBhaari - #Respect" Ritiesh also issued a statement later and said, "It was extremely gracious of Salman to himself offer to be part of our film Lai Bhaari. It was great to do a Marathi scene with him."

Salman and Ritiesh have been on friendly terms for many years now. Recently, both were shooting in Hyderabad’s Ramoji Film City for their respective films. Salman was shooting for ‘Mental’ and Ritiesh was working in the film in question, ‘Laal Bhaari.’ According to a source, after shooting the two of them would sit together and chat. The source informed that Salman found Ritiesh’s approach to his production venture quite interesting. Then Salman came forward and offered to be a part of Ritiesh’s film. Ritiesh was overjoyed and conveyed the news to the film’s director. Later a special sequence was created in film for Salman. Co-incidentally, Ritiesh plays a character who acts like Salman and beats up bad guys.

Salman himself is extremely busy these days. He has been constantly promoting his upcoming film ‘Kick’ which is scheduled to come out in July. After the lukewarm performance of his last film ‘Jai Ho’, Salman will be looking forward to hit it big this time. On the other hand Ritiesh’s film ‘Laal Bhaari’ will be released on 11th of July.