Salman to approach the High Court on Judge’s orders

Salman Khan had committed a grave crime in 2002 for which he is suffering till date. According to the case, Salman Khan had been driving a car in supposedly drunken state and had run over some people who were taking a nap on the pavement. This incident had managed to kill one of those people and four of the others who were sleeping as well were seriously injured. The Bollywood superstar, who is currently 47 years old, had approached the Sessions Court of Mumbai in order to challenge the order that was passed by the lower court of Mumbai. The judge of the Session’s court passed an order which has asked Khan to move the High Court of Mumbai, as the matter which is in concern is interlocutory and the Sessions Court does not have appropriate authority to hear this kind of a case. With this statement being made, the judge of the High Court had adjourned the court for the day.

According to the actor, the orders that was passed by the lower court in Mumbai was erroneous and not in accordance with the law. Hence, this matter is going to be taken to the Sessions court yet again this Friday. The actor had petitioned against the lower court accusing it of giving orders in ‘bad law’. Apart from this accusation, another charge had been slapped against Salman by V.S. Patil, who is the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate. He had charged the actor on the ground of ‘Culpable homicide not amounting to murder’. He had taken this charge all the way to the Session’s Court in order to put the actor in trial.

Therefore, at the present state, the actor is being accused of quite a number of charges. He is being tried for his charges under various sections of the law. The first one is under article 304(1) which accuses him for rash driving as well as negligent driving and has a punishment which can extend up to two years in jail. Second one is under 304 (2) that has a maximum punishment sentence of ten years in jail.

All this incidents are due to the incident that took place on the fateful night of 28th September 2002. In his drunken state, the actor rammed the car, Toyota Land Cruiser on to the people on the pavement. The people who were sleeping on the pavement are among the homeless ones and the activists now want justice for whatever happened to them.