Salman ties the knot with Asin

Finally, Salman Khan has done it. He has taken wedding vows with south sensation Asin. Both were married in a Punjabi style. Another interesting fact is that Asin’s parents were not invited to the wedding.

Hey guys, are you taking the story seriously. Please hold, before your thinking goes haywire, let me tell you that both got married in reel and not in real. Salman and Asin shot a married scene in their new film, ‘Ready’ and the news spread like a fire in the jungle that they were married in real.

A local newspaper of the south even carried news of their marriage with picture and it created sensation everywhere. When the news of the wedding reached Asin’s native place, everyone wondered why she chose a hush-hush marriage without inviting her near and dear ones.

Asin laughs it off, "You know, I'm quite enjoying the joke about my wedding. I've been in my bridal outfit taking the saat pheras, for a week now. I almost feel I'm really married. The family opposition that is being talked about is also part of the script."

Salman has been shouting across the Film City. "Hey guys, I've finally done it".