Salman talks about being a part of television

There was a time when television was looked down upon by film stars and they could not even imagine of being part of it. With changing times the scenario has changed. More and more stars are now venturing into television for quick earnings.

Salman Khan unlike most of the actors has been lucky in television stints. He has till date hosted two reality shows. One was “Dus Ka Dum” and the other is “Bigg Boss” both of which have ensured great television rating points.

He has been able to connect with the audiences through his shows. This has thus guaranteed him being repeated for back to back seasons of both the shows.

His stardom has also sky-rocketed with films like “Dabangg”, “Ready” and “Ek Tha Tiger”, that has made him one of the top contenders for films and television.

Salman Khan was recently seen talking about television as being a better platform than films. But yet he confirmed that though he enjoys his once a year stint on “Bigg Boss”, he finds this work to be quite challenging.

Recently the sixth season of “Bigg Boss” came to an end. On the occasion Salman was quoted as saying,” Television is too much of hard work. Reality shows are about one season, but when you do a serial you are (can be) stuck in it for many years. But I should say the popularity of TV is a lot more than Bollywood.”

He also added saying, “The kind of stuff that I want to do on television, I am already doing that.”

Salman who is working as Bigg Boss‘s host for the past three years revealed that he is loving his job. He also stated that working for the show is as dicey for him as it is for the contestants.

He was quoted as saying, “It is a dicey show to do for the host himself. I ended up scolding (the contestants sometimes and while scolding, sometimes it became a little too much. So this is the most dicey situation because (as a host), I fail to understand whether to react or not.”

Salman will soon be appearing for the seventh season of this show this year. But before that he will be gearing up for films like “Kick” and “Sher Khan”. “Sher Khan” will be releasing this year on Eid whereas “Kick” is in the process of finalizing its female lead.