Salman takes pot shots at Shahrukh again

It was not very long when Salman Khan made fun of Shahrukh’s acting. Salman poked fun at his rival Shahrukh Khan’s acting and commented that he overacts and now the ‘Dabangg’ star again took pot shots at SRK’s promotional strategy. We all know to what extend Shahrukh Khan goes while promoting his movie. His promotional strategy is not hidden to anyone and this time Salman has used the promotional skill of the actor to humiliate King Khan.

Shahrukh has been mastered in film promotion, whenever any movie of the actor is round the corner to release, he goes extra mile. He leaves no stone unturned to promote his movie in larger scale. When his movie is about to release, SRK is all around with his co-stars to promote the film to which Salman hinted that he doesn’t like promoting at all. The ‘Dabangg’ star was quoted as saying, “Today you have to keep aside a month and a half for promotions because producers tie up with so many brands,” and is not really happy doing the same.

Though Salman Khan did not mention Shahrukh’s name directly but there is no doubt that he is referring to Shahrukh Khan who is touted as marketing guru.

Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan’s rivalry dates long back. Since then, the two rival Khans of Bollywood has been leaving no opportunity to take a dig at one another.

Hope, the day comes very soon when the two Khans shed their anger and come together again!