Salman spotted outside lulia’s apartment in Romania

Salman Khan was in Romania for a week for the shooting of Sohail Khan’s ‘Jai Ho’ and guess what, the superstar has met his rumored girlfriend lulia Vantur in Romania. When Sallu was shooting in Romania, media is buzz with the report that he might have bumped into ex-girlfriend but now the speculation turned out to be completely true.  A popular website has uploaded a video on their site which apparently shows Salman Khan walking out of lulia’s apartment after spending sometime with her.

In fact, when he came out of her house, he was not alone, lulia was also with him and both entered into Sallu’s car. The Romanian beauty seemed to be giving company to Sallu because he has also done the same when lulia visited India. Since she knew nobody in India, lulia stayed with Khan’s family in Mumbai.

Salman met lulia in one of his visits to Romania. They first became friends and then gradually turned lovers. Lulia was spotted in India with Salman numerous times. Lulia spent considerable amount of time with Salman in ‘Jai Ho’ shoot in India.

A source from the production unit says, “Salman and his crew spent almost a week in Romania to shoot a romantic number. He also met Iulia.”

When Iulia came to India, she stayed at Salman’s house. Later she was also spotted at Hyderabad airport where the crew of ‘Jai Ho’ also landed. Both Salman and Iulia checked in at the same hotel. To avoid media, they came out of airport in different cars. Iulia was spotted many times wearing ‘Being Human’ T shirt which is a charity organisation of Salman Khan. She was seen on the sets of ‘Jai Ho’.

Rumor also buzzed that Salman wanted to tie the  knot with her but his family was against this decision and so gradually they parted ways. The family of Salman was upset over the marital status of Iulia. It is rumored that Iulia is married to Grammy nominated musician Marius Moga. Iulia has however, denied the allegations. Iulia later went back to Romania. In one of the online chats, Salman revealed to a friend that he was still in touch with Iulia. They are friends now.