Salman shows love for Aamir Khan in 'Bigg Boss 7'

Salman Khan was recently noticed wearing a black bowler’s hat in the episodes of ‘Bigg Boss 7’. It was revealed to be in acquiescence to a request by Aamir Khan for promoting the latter’s upcoming action adventure flick ‘Dhoom 3’. Aamir Khan, who was reported to be clear from the beginning that the film would not be promoted on television reality shows like many other films as he felt the film had enough support to promote itself.

Aamir Khan is known for his unconventional approaches to life. The makers of ‘Dhoom 3’ have already decided to not release full songs before the release in order to tweak the suspense of the viewers. In this case, Aamir preferred to wear his bowler hat himself to events in order to promote his film. Although he preferred to steer clear of promoting the film in reality shows, Salman sporting the hat in Bigg Boss and mouthing the words ‘Dhoom Machale’ raised a few eyebrows.

To this, Aamir clarified Salman’s act being a friendly gesture for him. Aamir was seen telling reporters, ‘while driving back from Yash Raj studios, I texted Salman saying, “I am sending you my hat. Please wear it some event. It will convey a good message to the people by you wearing my hat. In this manner, we will derive some publicity for my film.”’ To this, Salman replied saying that he would not wear it an event. Instead, he would wear it at ‘Bigg Boss.’ Salman is known for his philanthropy and loyalty to his friends. He has gone out of his way in the past to help a friend out of a spot.

A visibly moved Aamir was seen acknowledging Salman Khan’s gesture by saying - It was a big statement; Salman went out of his way, by wearing the hat, to promote the film; it showed his love, warmth and generosity of spirit.

Aamir was seen saying at a press conference – It is not his (Salman’s) film. Yet, he is helping us so much. I love Salman Khan for this.

The request by Aamir Khan is seen as a smart move to publicity. Through the action, he achieved promotion for his film and a style statement as it is widely accepted that any apparel Salman Khan dons instantly becomes a hit. Moreover, in this manner, he evaded hypocrisy by personally not visiting reality shows, yet ensuring the film made its way into one. Now that’s a clever fella!