Salman shares cute photo of baby Ahil, mom Salma

Salman Khan shared adorable picture of nephew Ahil with his mom Salma Khan on Facebook on Monday night. in the picture, baby Ahil is seen very peacefully sleeping on Nani Salma’s lap. Salman Khan captured the precious moment on camera and captioned the picture# Salma Nani and Nanha Ahil

Salman Khan became proud mamu when his sister Arpita Khan Sharma gave birth to her first baby on April 30. Arpita and Aayush Sharma named their newborn Ahil.  

Salman Khan, who is known for his unconditional love for his family, especially for his love for Arpita gifted his nephew a black sleek BMW as a token of love after his birth.  

Soon after the birth of Ahil, Salman Khan headed to Hinduja hospital to see his nephew and sister. Aayush Sharma shared picture of Salman kissing Ahil.

The entire family of Khan and Sharma family are basking in joy on Ahil’s birth.