Salman says he will marry after the court verdict

Salman Khan has a great sense of humor and everyone is aware of his presence of mind and quick response. For a long time, his marriage has been discussed at the national level and the hunk every time had an excuse.

As it is known to all, two cases are running at Jodhpur and Mumbai courts against the actor, oneis the blackbuck case and the other vehicle mishap case.

"I will think about marrying only after the courts give their verdicts. If the verdicts go against me, I will marry only after coming out of jail," the actor told Rajat Sharma during India TV`s show `Aap Ki Adalat`.

Salman Khan has been linked to few beauties in the past but unfortunately neither of them worked. In 2010, he split-up with Katrina Kaif.

He is fighting two cases in court, the blackbuck killing case in Jodhpur court and another vehicle mishap incident in 2002, which resulted in the death of a person in Mumbai court.

"I hope to be acquitted in both cases, but if I marry before the verdicts, will it be fair? Suppose, if there is a turn of events and I am sent to jail, and my wife has to come with our child to meet me in jail. Will it be fair?," joked the actor.

The actor underwent surgery in the US for trigeminal neuralgia condition and doctors has prohibited to do action sequences.

Speaking at length about the blood clot in his brain, Salman said, "There are two options. If there is a surgery there could be loss of sight and loss of balance. The surgery could then prove negative. I have chosen the other option. I admit there is a problem, but everything will be fine. Doctors have advised me not to do action sequences and avoid anger to keep my BP in check.

"But if I am totally unable to do action sequences, then I will stop doing films. After all, the audience pays money to watch my action," he added. PTI.