Salman says goodbye to ‘Bigg Boss’

It is a very disheartening news for Salman Khan’s fans. He will no longer host Bigg Boss season 6. Salman Khan is very busy with his films and has no time to host the sixth season. He has entertained his fans in the fourth and fifth season but has opted out of the sixth season due to hectic schedule.

In the last season of ‘Bigg Boss’, Salman Khan was joined by his friend Sanjay Dutt and both charmed the audience with their jokes and charisma. Sallu wants Sanju to host the sixth season of the show.

Says the source, “Salman feels Sanjay Dutt is doing a fine job on the show, and the TRPs  show no substantial decline when Salman is not around. So yes, the possibility of letting Sanjay Dutt take over the anchoring of the next season of  Bigg Boss completely is now being considered, though again Sanju’s schedules are water-tight too.”

Salman Khan has also approached the makers to sign Sanjay Dutt and the channel left the decision to Salman and Sanjay Dutt.

Says the source, “Sanjay Dutt was brought in to deflect from Salman’s unavailability.Now whether Sanjay Dutt will take over the show completely is a decision that the channel needs to take in the light of both the actors’ workload in 2012.”