Salman Rushdie’s visit to India uncertain

Salman Rushdie’s book “Midnight’s Children” has been an award-winning book. It released in the year 1980 and won the James Tait Black Memorial and Booker Prize in the following year.

The book narrates the story of two children, who were born at midnight on the 15th of August, 1947. They get swapped by a nurse at a Hospital in Bombay.

This book has now been adapted into a film by Deepa Mehta. Deepa Mehta speaking about what made her adapt this book said, “I loved the story above anything else. It was something I could relate to directly. It is about the search for identity, for a family and for a home. The main character is a simple, hapless hero. It has been difficult at times, but I have put everything I that I could into it.”

Thus it had been reported that the author would be visiting India soon to promote the screen adaptation of his novel.

However, reports suggest that the film’s certified publicists and the promotional event’s host have been giving contradictory statements. The uncertainty over the author’s visit to the country thus continues to remain.

Landmark, the bookstore chain that is hosting the event in which Rushdie would be a part, issued a statement that claimed that Salman Rushdie and Deepa Mehta would be coming to Delhi on the 24th of January to promote their film.

The press release cited the author as saying, “It`s a great feeling to be visiting Landmark and talking about my book, Midnight`s Children which has been made into a movie by my friend Deepa Mehta. The book is an enthralling family tale and a surprising evocation of a vast land and its people.”

Ashutosh Pandey who is the COO of Landmark bookstore said, “We are certain the movie will receive international acclamation and will be well received by the discerning audience.”

However, the film’s certified PR agency has reported something different. They said that they have been trying their best to get the author to the country. They also made it a point to inform that the issue that has been published by the bookstore is not approved of by the author. They also stated that it is still unsure whether Salman Rushdie will be coming to the country to promote the film.

This film stars Shabana Azmi, Shahana Goswami, Satya Bhabha, Siddharth, Anupam Kher, Seema Biswas, Shriya Saran and others.

This film is distributed in India by PVR Pictures. It will be releasing on the 1st of February.