Salman Khan too busy for mother Salma Khan

Sunday was a day of celebration at the Khan household as the family came together for Salma Khan’s birthday. The whole family turned up. That is, the whole family minus the eldest son, Salman Khan.

Salman Khan, noted for his dedication towards his work, decided to give his mother’s birthday a miss because he was busy for his upcoming movie, ‘Kick’, in Karjat. He has compromised on family gatherings in the past because of his impending work. Hats off, Salman! After all, he is the same man who once said (in the film ‘Wanted’), ‘Ek baar jo maine commitment kar di, phir main apne aap ki bhi nahi sunta!’

Salman Khan has, reportedly, in the past, missed Gudi Padwa celebrations at his mother’s place because he was busy shooting for Sohail Khan’s movie. Although his mother called him herself, he refused to go as he had given those dates to Sohail Khan already and did not want the film to suffer on his account. It reminds us of the dedication of Aamir Khan who flew all the way to Australia to learn tap dancing from the ‘Happy Feet’ choreographer, Dein Perry, over a period of two years. Similarly, Shahrukh Khan is known to temporarily shift to shooting destinations so that he does nto have to waste time travelling and can prepare for roles better.

Salman, although attached to family, knows how to keep work and home separate, although giving both the time and dedication they deserve. It is a known fact that Salman Khan is extremely attached to his mother and learnt painting from her. As before marriage, she was a Maharashtrian Hindu, he considers himself half Hindu and half Muslim and observes both festivals with the same faith.

Nevertheless, Salma Khan’s family threw a big bash for her at a Pali Village hotspot. Her family, comprising of her husband, Salim Khan, Helen, the rest of their children- Sohail, Arbaaz with wife Malaika, Alvira, Arpita and grandchildren – Arhaan and Nirvaan were present. Sohail Khan was seen leading his mother, holding her handbag. Sangeeta Bijlani, a family friend of the Khans and Salman’s ex-girlfriend was present for the celebrations too. Although Salman Khan’s presence was conspicuous, Sohail was reassuring as he said, ‘December is full of birthdays.’ 13thDecember is Alvira Khan’s (Salman Khan’s sister) birthday, followed by Sohail Khan’s on 20th December and finally ending with Salman Khan’s birthday on the 27th of this month.