Salman miffed with Arbaaz

Recently at an award function Arbaaz Khan bonded with Shahrukh Khan and he even tried to play a peacemaker between his brother Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan to end their rivalry. But this move of Arbaaz did not go well with Salman Khan and he is quite angry with his brother.

A sources adds, "The fact that Salman does not forgive his enemies has become one of his brand features. It is very difficult for him to go against the same since it is something that defines him. His fresh diktat to Arbaaz has to be seen in that light. Look at what he did to Vivek Oberoi. He is trying to repeat it in case of his cold bond with SRK."

Salman asked Arbaaz not to try to make peace between him and SRK as it is wastage of time and energy as he at no cost would make peace with King Khan.