Salman Khan shakes a leg at ‘Bigg Boss 7’ launch

Dressed smartly in black outfit, Salman was seen in his element at the launch of the latest season of ‘Bigg Boss’.

The seventh season of ‘Bigg Boss’ is known as ‘Saath 7’. The much talked about show will air its first episode on 15thSeptember. The show will run for 104 days. A total of 14 contestants will compete with each other for the grand prize money which will be given to the contestant who survives at ‘Bigg Boss’ house till last. Viewers vote also contribute to their elimination. It is a reality show.

The nature of the show along with the superstar host salman Khan are the unique elements which pull a large viewership. Vodafone has been roped as a sponsor for the show.

At the unveiling of the latest season Salman was seen in a happy mood. He performed on his songs from film ‘Dabangg’. This season of ‘Bigg Boss’ is based on the concept of heaven and hell. Salman posed for the photographs with the background concept of the show.

Gaurav Kapoor was the anchor. He asked a series of questions to Salman and the superstar happily and wittily answered them. Talking about the demonic and the angelic concept of the show, Salman said that he has a mix of both the qualities. He said, “I have both qualities in small portions. The devlish side to me is naughty but not harmful. And the angelic side is obviously good. But both are in small quantities.”

The launch took place on Wednesday in Mumbai. ‘Bigg Boss’ house has been built at Lonavala. All the episodes will take place there. The serial has a lot of surprising elements that make the show very interesting. For example there are only guesses for the names of the 14 contestants. The names will be out with the beginning of the show.

Raj Naik, CEO, Colors said “The best thing about this show is the amount of publicity which the media generate for it. People have been speculating all kinds of things. We don't want to comment on it. The beauty of the show is in the surprise elements.”

About the presence of salman, Naik said, “Salman comes on the show twice a week. He is a brand. He has evolved with the show and the show has evolved with him. He has taken ownership of the show. Having said that, this is a reality show and people identify with what is happening in the house as well.”