Salman lashes out at Jagdish Mali’s daughter Antara

Ace photographer Jagdish Mali was seen in a distraught condition wondering on the streets of Mumbai and was rescued by model and actress Mink Brar. Mink after spotting Jagdish Mali in a semi-nude condition gave a ring to Salman Khan who sent a car and his men to rescue him from the street and escort to his residence.

Jagdish Mali is a high diabetic patient and he survives on insulin. He takes insulin regularly and if somehow he forgets to take insulin, he gets disoriented. He totally depends on insulin to remain fit. He was found in a pathetic condition on Mumbai street but his daughter Antara Mali refuted the report that his father is an alcoholic and his condition is very pitiful. She claims that he is very well and she always remains in touch with him. She also claims that her father is well and they do not want any help from anybody. To Antara’s statement, Salman reacted strongly.

Reacting to her statement, superstar Salman Thursday said: "Your father is seen walking in a semi-nude condition on the road and you are saying he doesn`t need help... You tell me then who needs help?"

"When I got the message, I tried to contact few people. To help someone is simple," he added.

Salman Khan is a social worker and he runs an NGO ‘Being Human’. Talking about the photographer, Salman said: "Jagdish Mali is a very big photographer. We used to struggle to get a photo shoot with him," he said.

On looking at Mali’s awful condition, Salman and Mink appealed people to help the ace photographer to stand on his feet again.