Salman Khan's sister Arpita loses her cool

The superstar Salman Khan has long been known for losing his temper rather famously. It seems sister Arpita shares this trait with her brother. Recently, she expressed her dissatisfaction and anger at a high end furniture shop in Mumbai on the micro blogging site, Twitter. Though the exact incident is not known, it seems that Arpita had placed an order for a sofa for her home from this internationally known high end furniture store. However, she was not satisfied with the approach of the management and has finally cancelled her order.

Arpita writes, “I really don’t want to deal with people who are rude and don’t know how to treat people. It is not about a few thousands, but lakhs of rupees. They don’t know how to behave with their customers.’’ She vented her fury at the highhanded way in which the people at the store dealt with the customers. She thought that they were rude and has no idea how to deal with people. Arpita has decided to have no further dealings with the company in the future.

This is not the first time that the sister of the superstar has taken to twitter to register complaints against stores. On 23rd July, she had openly criticized a famous multinational high street brand outlet in Mumbai on Twitter. She said, “…men walk all around in the ladies changing room, there are men sweeping while women are changing. How uncomfortable is that (sic)”.  In an additional post, she went on to say, “I did complain, and all the manager said was we have a office in the middle of the changing room, so the boys have to walk up and down (sic).” The social media has become great place to find honest reviews by real users and Arpita is fully utilizing this for sharing her experiences in the different shops of Mumbai.

It seems that being the sister of a Bollywood sister does not always ensure A list treatment for everybody. However, Arpita has definitely followed the footsteps of her celebrity brother in the way in which she has dealt with the problem. The Dabangg hero recently used Twitter to complain about his dissatisfaction with the customer service of the company regarding his new Range Rover car. It remains to be seen how far the sister imitates her famous brother.