Salman Khan’s hit and run case to end by December 2014

The hit and run case against actor Salman Khan has been going on for 13 years as the incident happened in 2002. The court has now asked the counsel for the defence to stop dragging the case and has opined that it should be ended by December of this year.

The court had ordered the actor to be present for the hearing on 24th November. However, advocate Srikant Shivade of the defence pleaded that the actor should be excused as the prosecution has not provided a complete list of witnesses. According to the legal defence team, "The main reason for seeking the list of witnesses is because we need to know the days when the actor's presence is mandatory in court. If we know that the prosecution is going to examine formal witnesses, then in such case there is no need for the actor to be present before the court."

The prosecution on the other hand strongly opposed what they described as delaying tactics of the defence. Special public prosecutor Pradeep Gharat said, "Defence had undertaken on the last hearing that the actor would be present in court on November 24 (Monday)." After listening to both sides, the judge opined that there are no new witnesses. The names have already been included in the charge sheet. The judge continued, "During the trial, the evidence should be recorded, but it is digressing from the main issue. It's been almost 13 years since this case is going on, it should end by December-end."

On 28th September 2002, a car driven by Salman Khan had allegedly run over five pavement dwellers outside a bakery in Bandra killing one and injuring four. The case had already been delayed due to several issues. A fresh trial was ordered when the charges were changed from death by negligence which carries a two year jail sentence to culpable homicide not amounting to murder which carries a sentence of ten years. Another major delay occurred when many original papers were found to be misplaced. However, now the court has taken strong steps and has urged the lawyers to complete the trial by December.

On Monday, prosecution examined an insurance agent and an owner of the American Express laundry. The next date is set in December when a motor vehicle inspector and a chemical analysis expert will be interviewed.