Salman Khan’s first public appearance post ‘rape’ remark

Salman Khan was surrounded by media when he made first public appearance post ‘raped woman’ remark. The superstar dressed in black outfit was flanked by media persons, directing microphone toward him and almost everyone asked the same question to him, ‘will be apologize for his remark’. Salman evaded the questions, walked straight without seeing left and right.

He seems quite unperturbed about everything and still keeping a dignified silence on the issue. He is least bothered and walked away, evading the question. As he spotted at the Mumbai airport on June 23, media thronged Sallu while his bodyguard Shera cleared his way, sideling the crazy media persons.

The actor has also been summoned by the Maharashtra Women's commission on June 29th. Though the superstar is yet to seek apology, his father Salim Khan backed his son and said, "Undoubtedly what Salman said is wrong, the simili, example and the context. The intention was not wrong," he tweeted. In another post, he wrote: Nevertheless I apologise on behalf of his family his fans & his friends. Forgiveness is to pardon the unpardonable or it is no virtue at all

Shaina NC of BJP party in Maharashtra strongly criticised the actor. "Salman must be condemned for his statement. The Salman everyone knows respects women and if he does respect women then he should admit he made a mistake and apologise," she said.

Kavita Krishnan, a women's rights activist, said, "Salman Khan's comment trivialises rape, but it's not just Salman, rape analogies are common in society and films."

Khan roped into this controversy while sharing his experience of 'Sultan' shoot he said that he felt 'like a raped woman' after his arduous shooting as a wrestler in 'Sultan'. He was quoted as saying, "When I used to walk out of the ring, after the shoot, I used to feel like a raped woman. I couldn’t walk straight. I would eat and then, head right back to training. That couldn’t stop.”