Salman's hit-and-run case deferred to 21st January

The Bollywood star Salman Khan is back in the news for all the wrong reasons. He had a successful run as the host of the reality show ‘Bigg Boss’, season 7. The popularity of Salman soared new heights with the successful program. However, it is thing of the past and he is once again hunted by the hit and run case. In the year 2002 Salman Khan was driving his land cruiser while returning to his home. He was in a drunken condition and ran over few pavement dwellers. One died and three were injured in the incident. Case was filed against him and that is running still in the year 2014, 12 years after the incident. This case is the best mockery of the ineffectiveness of  Indian judicial system and case study of how to use the ineffectiveness to ones advantage in avoiding the so called long hand of law.

On Tuesday a court of Mumbai postponed the hearing of the 2002 hit and run case of Salman as the prosecution requested for some time to appeal against the retrial in High court of Mumbai. J.V. Kendralkar who is the Public prosecutor conveyed the message to D.W. Deshpande, the Sessions Court Judge that the prosecution was in wait to get the state government’s reply on the matter and requested more time.

However, Shrikant Shivade who is the lawyer of Salman Khan opposed the request of prosecution and requested for fresh trial to start immediately. Earlier Salman Khan was charged for death by negligence but as the case started unfolding he was slapped with a higher charge of culpable homicide, Indian Penal Code Section 304(2).

Salman Khan’s lawyer pointed out that they didn’t get the opportunity to interrogate the witnesses properly in light of the higher charges that are levied against him and requested a fresh trial.  But the public prosecution objected to this demand naturally.

Earlier the trial had taken 12 years and still not concluded the case. A fresh trial will mean a ploy to drag the case for even more than 12 years. It seems the case is hell bent to prove that Indian justice doesn’t treat everyone equal. If the accused is rich and influential, he/she can get infinite amount of time from the Indian judiciary. It will be interesting to note when the case gets concludes, if it does at all that is.