Salman Khan wants girlfriend Katrina to replace Priyanka in London Dreams

Salman Khan’s legal controversies have barely receded, when the actor yet again seems to be embroiled in new controversies. Earlier he was charged for the killing of a black buck and was imprisoned . He was also charged for killing one person and injuring four people in a hit and run accident . Right through his ‘Rockstars’ worldwide concert, he was said to be having problems with Shahid and even with John Abraham . Recently Salman was even being called unprofessional as it was claimed that he was deliberately stalling the shooting of his two films Salaam-E-Ishq and Babul as they both have John Abraham as his co-star and he is not on good terms with the actor after their quarrel while on tour. Now yet again Salman is said to be interfering in the film London Dreams. According to sources Salman has asked director Raj Kumar Santoshi to replace his co-star Priyanka with none other than girlfriend Katrina Kaif.
The cast of London Dreams has already been decided. The film was to star Ajay Devgan and Salman Khan. Priyanka Chopra too was finalized as one of the female leads. However now Salman wants Santoshi to replace Priyanka and let Katrina play the role. According to sources “Salman has been telling Rajji for a long time now that he wants Katrina and not Priyanka. However this has put Rajji in a dilemma as Priyanka has already given dates for the film.” Salman has even gone as far as blatantly telling Priyanka to opt out of the film as she has come in between this role which Katrina was earlier supposed to do. However Santoshi had approached Priyanka for the role first and there was no supposed other choice.

The source further adds “It is unprofessional of Salman to ask a heroine who has been finalized by the director and the producer to opt of the film for personal reasons. Rajji wants to stand by Priyanka in this situation but he is also aware that the producer of the film will do anything that Salman asks of him including accommodating Salman’s girlfriend Katrina in the film.” Everyone has different versions to tell however Santoshi maintains that he cannot comment on the issue and that the producer of the film PJ Singh should be asked. P J Singh however denies that any actress at all has been finalized for the project; he claims that the actress will be decided according to the availability of dates and he also claims that Salman has no involvement in the choice of the actress.

But Priyanka Chopra’s manager Chand Agarwal says “Priyanka will definitely be doing London Dreams and she has already given dates for the film.” Priyanka was earlier also slated to act in another film Halla Bol by Santoshi but later opted out from the film . Salman Khan seems to be increasingly displaying his unprofessional attitude in bollywood. In fact earlier it was Salman who seemed to be promoting his co-star Priyanka Chopra for various films. So finally has Sallu opted for love, taking precedence over friendship? Which actress will finally play the role only time will tell?