Salman Khan visits cancer patients

Salman Khan carries a heart of gold. He is associated with various NGOs and himself run a charity named ‘Being Human’. Recently, he visited the Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai and spend time with cancer stricken children.

“Whenever I come here I see these children, despite being so weak and living with such a disease, there is always a smile on their faces. But, if the same thing happens to any one  of us, then it will be flashed all over the media and becomes a big news,” said Khan.

The actor also appealed to the rich to come forward and donate money to the those cancer patients who cannot afford the costly treatment.

“There are many people who cannot afford the expensive treatment involved to cure the disease. However, there are others who have plenty of money and they should open their locker and come forward and donate money for such a cause,” said Khan.

Salman Khan is gearing up for his next release ‘Wanted’ by Boney Kapoor.