Salman Khan upset with Shahid Kapur

The ‘Rockstars’ concert has constantly been in the limelight for one reason or the other. The concert is being performed in several different countries across the globe and presently the group is performing in the United States. The group consists of several famous and well-known actors like Salman Khan, John Abraham, Kareena Kapoor, Shahid Kapur, Mallika Sherawat, Esha Deol and Zayed Khan. With so many stars in one show, it is quite common for catfights or misunderstandings to occur. Recently Salman Khan, one of the biggest star’s on the show took offense to advice doled out to him, by the relatively newcomer Shahid Kapur.
Shahid Kapur has only around four films to his name and a major of which have been flops. The actor has recently started to pick up his career and ‘Rockstars’ is his first show abroad. Unfortunately for Shahid, just when things seemed to be looking up for him, the actor seems to have put his own foot into his mouth. Recently during a show, young Shahid gave Salman Khan some professional advice on his performance. However our very hot headed Salman didn’t take the idea of Shahid, giving him advice very well. A source confirms “Shahid is a good guy, but he is very immature. Salman is a fun-loving person and he is fond of everyone. But he likes his juniors to respect him. Obviously he wasn’t going to appreciate a four film old Shahid Kapur interfering in his performance.”

After this immature move by Shahid, Salman was apparently so furious with Shahid that he tried to get him ousted from the show. However when this attempt didn’t work, apparently Salman decided to teach Shahid a lesson, by himself opting out of the film Milenge Milenge in which he was to perform a cameo of a song. Milenge Milenge is a film produced by Boney Kapoor and stars Kareena Kapoor and Shahid. The film has been directed by Satish Kaushik; it has been completed but has been stuck in the cans for the last two years. Kareena Kapoor, Shahid’s girlfriend who has co-starred with Salman Khan in the film Kyon Ki shares a comfortable rapport with Salman, she tried to sort out the issue, but unfortunately she too didn’t have much luck.

Salman refuses to perform his part when Shahid is around and the Kapur lad is sulking around. All these starry tantrums have put the organizers in a tight spot, as they have to deal with all the star’s egos. However director Satish Kaushik is unaware of any spat between the two actors and is not currently aware if Salman will be doing the cameo or not. So whether Salman Khan will forgive and forget remains to be seen.