Salman Khan turns scriptwriter for 'Kick' sequel

With ‘Kick’, Salman entertained his fans with the ultimate power packed actions spiced up with his unique style and punchy dialogues. Now the sequel of ‘Kick’ is coming and Salman’s action is not the only thing to be looked forward too. With this film, he is exploring yet another dimension of his abilities and turning into a script writer. This sequel will have the script and screenplay that would be the creation of none other than Salman. There is a buzz that the film’s director Sajid Khan discussed the matter with Salman and they both thought it was a good idea. The film might start shooting by end of 2016.

The sequel of ‘Kick’ is titled ‘Devil’. Salman was the one to come up with a story for this flick. A source close to Sajid Nadiadwala reported, “Sajid had no idea at all when he'd make Devil. He had decided he would not even think about the sequel until he found a kickass subject.” During a chat between Salman and Sajid, Salman suggested something for the sequel that Sajid totally liked. The source further added, “It was just a one-liner that Salman threw at Sajid. That was it. Sajid not only grabbed the idea he also asked Salman to write the screenplay.”

Few people know that Salman has tried his hand at script writing earlier too. He wrote the story for ‘Chandra Mukhi’. This 1993 film created quite the excitement because of the lead actors it featured. Sridevi was paired with Salman Khan and it was their first film together.

Director Sajid Nadiadwala finds the title quite apt. Salman’s character in ‘Kick’ was called Devi Lal Singh, more commonly known as Devil. After the film, there had been rumors that the sequel would be titled ‘Devil’ and Sajid was happy with this buzz. When he was asked about the same, he replied to the media, “Yes, it’s true that Salman has come up with the story idea, but it’s too early to talk about it.”

Another source reported, “Salman has cracked the story idea. In fact, he is very kicked about it; and has already discussed it with his close friends. No one is aware of the exact storyline, but it's going to be an emotional tale. Since he is busy with the shootings of multiple films, he still doesn't want to rush through it. If all goes well, Sajid will direct the sequel based on Salman's story, but there's no timeline to it.”