Salman Khan trapped in legal troubles again

Salman Khan is a handsome man and most eligible bachelor of Bollywood. Even the People Magazine nominated him to be the best looking man from India. However, the super star was held up in many controversies and legal issues previously. Salman, reportedly was arrested on 28th September, 2002 for rash driving. On that fateful day, the actor ran his car into a bakery injuring 4 people on the pavement and killing one of them in the sleep just outside the bakery. The court charged him for culpable homicide and later dropped the case finding that he was not guilty.

Not just this, the actor was also found guilty of killing an endangered black buck and was sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment. He was adjourned to Jodhpur jail on the 10th of April 2006 and later on the 13th of April he was bailed out.

Y P Singh, the IPS officer who turned lawyer and activist has lately accused the Mumbai Police to be favoring the actor. He is demanding high level of inquiry in the matter and thus wants to reopen the old case of rash driving against Salman. The same case of 28th September 2002, in which he was accused of running his Toyota Land Cruiser car into the bakery thus killing one and injuring three people who were sleeping on the pavement outside.

Y P Singh has been urging the Mumbai police to reopen the case. In a press conference he said, "Salman was absent 82 times, when summoned by the court and even the public prosecutor started ignoring the case. The commissioner of police needs to set up a high level inquiry into the matter, to show how simple summons were not being served from time to time for years together and witnesses not produced in court."

Lately it was heard that the actor has been suffering from trigeminal neuralgiaa facial nerve disorder commonly known as the suicide disease since last seven years. He is already in great pain due to this, and god knows what else is held up for him to endure.

No matter how much the actor ever does to do well and spreads cheer among the millions of faces with his work and social activities, his past always catches up with him. No wonder he is being a good Samaritan with all the good deeds he is being doing, but his ill fortunes is still pulling him back and haunting him with these legal procedures and troubles.