Salman Khan to quit Bigg Boss

After Tanisha Mukherjee and Kushal Tandon’s ugly fight and Kushal’s attempt to escape from Bigg Boss 7 house, angry Salman Khan said the inmates that he is going to quit the show. This is his last season of Bigg Boss and he won’t host it again. Salman was highly upset with Kushal’s bad behaviour towards Tanisha. "If you are thinking that you can clean your image, it's a misconception," Salman told Kushal after the ugly fight. He added that bad incidents stick on people’s mind and one cannot demolish it.

"Because of this episode, this might be the last season for me," he said Saturday. Responsging to some question of fans, the superstar added that there are lots more what they actually see on the show. "You see an hour, I see the whole deal. Guess some of you guys may not react when some one speaks to female members of your family or women in that manner," Salman tweeted. "But I do not. Most of us men and women stand up against men who run them down," wrote the super star and added that if this is not the culture, "it better become".

The actor also said that people get carried away during the show, and praised the concept. "It's a good show to learn how to be physically and mentally strong. The tasks go on for 48 hrs and more. Without no proper sleep or food. Halwa hai kya (Is it a cakewalk?)," he wrote. "I am only answering your question about BB ('Bigg Boss') because you are following me. This is a game. It's on TV so, I like to keep a check on it. The choice is yours if you want to watch it or not. Some times people do get carried away in fights. Everyone does and then they sort it out," he added.

According to the latest buzz, Salman Khan is concerned about Tanisha getting too close to Armaan on national TV because he shares a great rapport with both Ajay and Kajol and it was also heard that before the show kick-start,  Ajay asked Salman to take care of Tanisha inside the house.

Before the show went on air, it was reported that Kajol and Tanuja actually restricted Tanisha from taking part on the show but she was adamant to be on the show. But surely the brewing romance between Tanisha and much older in age Amaan Kohli might not have gone well with the family.

Salman Khan warns both Tanisha and Armaan to behave properly as cameras are installed in various positions of the house and asked them not be too open in the public as it is viewed by audience all over. Tanisha and Armaan get cozy with each other, sometimes she was seen back rubbing Armaan while in various occasion Tanisha was seen protecting Armaan. They look like a couple very much in love and least bothered about what others are saying or discussing about them.