Salman Khan to head to US for treatment

Dashing and tough Salman Khan is now-a-days down with ill health. As confirmed by his brother Sohail Khan, Salman Khan is suffering from nerve problem and due to his deteriorate health, he was advised for a quick dash to the US for further treatment. 

A source said, “Salman had this problem about seven years back. He used to get spasms in his face. But the pain would go away. In fact, it vanished completely after a year or two. It suddenly came back about three months back. This time, it`s more painful. He couldn`t have neglected it further.”

Explaining about Salman’s deteriorating health, the source revealed, “Salman is in extreme pain. Every time he eats something extremely hot or cold, the pain intensifies. His jaw region hurts a lot.”

Last week, Salman was rushed to Lilavati hospital in Bandra. “His pain was too acute. Salman, who is normally a very tough guy, was almost screaming. The doctors at Lilavati suggested that he visits Saifee hospital in Charni Road. At Saifee, he was advised to undergo angiography,” said the source.

Salman is suffering from trigeminal neuralgia, something his brother Sohail confirmed and said, “Trigeminal neuralgia bahut bada shabd hai. I don`t know what you`re saying. It`s my brother`s health. All I can say is that yes, he is going to the US on August 27 for a second opinion, diagnosis and treatment for his nerve problem.”

Salman Khan won’t be present during the Eid and Ganpati celebrations at his home this time and also will miss this year Eid release ‘Bodyguard’. Health is the topmost priority for the actor now and he is going to take a break from work.

“Salman completed the planned promotions for ‘Bodyguard’ yesterday. He did as much as he could. Health is his first priority right now,” added the source.