Salman Khan to be beaten up by Bigg Boss contestant

Yes, you hear it right Salman Khan to get bash from Bigg Boss contestant 6 Santosh Shukla. Before your imagination run wild let me clarify you that Salman will get beating from Santosh Shukla not in real but in reel. Santosh Sivan has been roped in Sohail Khan’s ‘Mental’ to play a villian.

In ‘Mental’ Salman Khan will be bashed by Santosh Shukla who will play a baddie in the movie. He will be insulting Salman’s sister Tabu, will try to molest her and thrash the ‘Dabangg’ star. Santosh has been undergoing training for the role and he will grow beard and hair for the negative character.

Usually Salman Khan thrashed his rival in movies but this time he will be bashed by the villain. Both will get physical in few scenes.

Santosh has not divulged any details about this Bolllywood film. A part of the movie will be shot in Dubai. Salman Khan’s leading lady in the movie has not yet been finalized. Apart from Salman and Tabu, the film also stars Naseeruddin Shah. It was Salman's decision to cast Tabu and Naseer.

The movie is expected to hit the theatre this Eid.