Salman Khan takes co-star Govinda for an auto rickshaw ride

Salman Khan and Govinda will soon be seen together in Nikhil Advani’s Salaam-e-ishq and the two actors have struck a bond. Recently actor Salman even took actor Govinda for an auto rickshaw ride in the middle of the night thus proving that he would do anything for friendship. It was the middle of the night when Govinda who was sound asleep at home was awakened by some shouts outside his home, however the actor didn’t bother too much at first thinking it was some over enthusiastic fan. However after a while when the chaos refused to subside, Govinda ventured outside and was greeted by none other than Salman Khan seated in a rickshaw.
Actor Govinda says “Actually I wasn’t surprised to see Salman, when you have a friend like Salman, anything can happen.” Looks like Govinda has had first hand experience with Salman’s antics. However after greeting Govinda, Salman then insisted that he take a ride with him in the auto rickshaw. Govinda was reluctant at first as it was the middle of the night but he could not say no to Salman and hence hopped on for the ride. Salman has be-friended one of the auto-rickshaw drivers in Bandra and whenever he wants a ride he contacts him. The driver is an ardent fan of Salman and even allows him to drive his rickshaw once in a while. Salman loves the colorful décor and the loud music in the rickshaw.

Govinda further adds “We went to Bandra and it was lovely as there was a nip in the air. Salman loves rickshaws and he makes sure that he drives whenever he is traveling by one. We both exchanged seats after a while and I drove too.” The two actors enjoyed their rickshaw ride in the middle of the night and were like two small kids with a new toy. Salman is also an ardent fan of Govinda and loves to watch his films on DVD whenever he has the time.

Salman recently also attended an event on World Aids Day, 1 December to promote awareness for the widespread disease. Salman also spoke out on the subject and said “I appeal to the people who do not have Aids to please use condoms.” He spoke at length on the prevention of this killer disease.