Salman Khan suffering from serious 'suicide disease'

Dabangg super star, Salman Khan has admitted to the press that he is suffering from a very serious nerve disease on his face which is commonly termed as the suicide disease. The biological name for the disease is Trigeminal Neuralgia. He had undergone a surgery for this disease on August 2011. He has been suffering from this disease for the past seven years. The disease tends to cause extreme pain in the face. It is a neuropathic disorder that leads to this pain at certain intervals of time. Doctors have reported that the pain is one of the most acute pains that is known to us. Since the pain is becoming unbearable for Salman as each day is passing, the actor has decided to visit the US and kill it once and for all.

Last month, Salman had undergone angiography. The 47-year old is going through a lot of problems. The angiography was done to detect his disease properly. It is a special technique of medical imaging where the body can be visualized properly from inside. However, the actor feels it was not worth it. The actor is suffering from a serious hoarseness in his voice. It is not because he takes too much of alcohol. The truth is that he does not drink during the month of Ramadan, and the hoarseness is due to the disease. He has also added that the disease is nothing to worry about very much. Although it is extremely painful, it can be cured if a proper treatment is undergone.

The actor is a brave heart person. He does not let his personal and professional life merge with each other. His ailment has never been any kind of obstacle for his career. The disease has been causing him trouble for a long time. At a point he had fallen extremely unwell on one of his shoots. He keeps doing shoots and making films. His disease has never let him fall down. Although it has been seven years, he has given one blockbuster after another. Nearly all his recent films have made it to the 100 crore list. He is a person who believes in hard work and also believes on his fans for support.

Salman is currently shooting for a Sohail Khan film in Dubai. It is reported that he will be returning to Mumbai around the 11th of March and will then be flying out to US for further treatment.