Salman Khan spends night with Daisy Shah

Bollywood actor Salman Khan is shooting for Sohail Khan’s ‘Mental’ in Lavasa, Pune and the hunk got a new girl to spend time with. After shooting, Salman would spend time with the new girl and he stays up late at night with her. The new girl with whom Salman is spending most of the nights now-a-days is his ‘Mental’ co-star Daisy Shah.

Members from the film crew informed that Salman and Daisy spend quality time together at night, goes for bicycle rides, goes for breezy walk in Lavasa. After the shooting, Salman Khan and Daisy Shah spend time together. A source from the small town close to Lonavla says, "Salman really likes spending time with Daisy these days. They go on bicycle rides during the late hours of the night". It is heard that the superstar is highly impressed with Daisy's attitude. Unlike other actresses, Daisy did not nestle with Salman’s family to come close to him.

A website has quoted a source as saying, “Daisy is one of the coolest heroines Salman has worked with. The thing is, she didn’t try to play up to him for the role. Nor did she go out of the way to suck up to him while shooting. Salman hates it when heroines play up to him just to get on the screen with him. Recently one top heroine whom he had fallen out with, went all out to woo Salman, dropping in to his home to meet his sisters. Salman hates all these games. He hates it when heroines snuggle up to his family to get close to him.He likes women who don’t play up to him for roles. Daisy was a chorus dancer for Ganesh Acharya. She just couldn’t care less about stardom. That’s the spirit Salman subscribes to.”

Well, finally Sallu got a lady of his choice!