Salman Khan spends a fun filled Eid at home with family

Salman Khan is back from his shooting in Austria for Subhash Ghai’s film Mein Yuvraj just in time for Eid celebrations at home with his family. Salman’s home is a secular home and they celebrate all festivals like Diwali, Ganeshotsav, Christmas and even Eid together. Salman says “No matter where I am, I always come home to celebrate the major festivals.”
Salman loves spending time with his nephews and niece and as a special treat this Eid, he is teaching his young nephews who adore him how to strip their T-shirts ala Salman. About Eid, Salman says “Celebrating Eid after your roza is a nice feeling. I fast as and when I can.” Apart from playing with his nephews, Salman also does the customary wave to his fans as he feels they have always supported him when he was down. Salman reminisces about Eid in his home when he was a kid; he says “Eid has always been special. I remember mom would be chopping badam pista for the kheer, but Alvira, Arbaaz, Sohail and I would sneak into the kitchen and eat them up in her absence. When she returned half of it would have disappeared. She used to reprimand us for it.” He further adds “We would always look forward to wearing new clothes and getting Eiddi. Those are some beautiful memories and I cherish them” Salman makes it a point to say namaz on Eid day.

Salman loves spending time with his brothers and sister’s kids; he considers them his stress busters. He loves to take them swimming, trekking, bike riding etc. So we wonder when Sallu who is so fond of kids, will have a few of his own. For now he however seems content with doing his films and spending time with his family. He does wish all a Happy Eid.