Salman Khan speaks about Katrina Kaif, marriage, kids

Post break-up with Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina Kaif and her ex lover Salman Khan have been spotted together on more than one occasion. Katrina had mentioned that Salman played a huge role in her career and was the biggest impact in her life.

Now, Salman has opened up about his bonding with the ‘Phantom’ actress. He said that whatever Katrina is today is only because of herself and not him. “This is her ‘badappan’(magnanimity), but she is telling a lie. Whatever she is she is because of Katrina Kaif itself. Katrina is very hard working …in my whole life I have not seen such a hard working girl ever,” the actor said.

Salman was speaking during a visit to the Manoharbhai Patel Institute of Engineering College, Gondia.

Regarding the recent separation of Katrina and Ranbir, the ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ actor said, “I think that is very old talk …I think the sides have changed as that’s what I think …this is what I have heard from outside.” 

When asked about his recent bonding with Katrina, he replied, “Fitoor…Fitoor…she is promoting her film Fitoor and I do a show Bigg Boss which you all know …she came for the promotions there…I was very happy ..Later on Krushna’s show she was promoting…i was shooting there only for Sultan and I thought that I should go and meet.”

“When I saw her…she was in shot…I went looking at her and reached on the stage to say Hi hello, I thought they will cut the scene…but channel won’t cut as they got footage of Salman khan with Katrina Kaif… poor Aditya was standing there only,” Salman said.

The actor was also frank while speaking on the topic of his marriage and kids. He said, “Marriage is doubtful but I want two three kids. Having kids without marriage is difficult, but I hope will be able to manage that.”