Salman Khan speaks about his kids

In a recent interview, Salman Khan candidly talked about the ‘behind the stage’ scenes of ‘Bigg Boss’. A few excerpts from his interview:

Salman was first requested to elaborate on the concept of heaven and hell. He said, “The concept of 'jannat' (heaven) and 'jhannum' (hell) is just a publicity gimmick to promote the show. Every year there has to be something new, so these are just tactics to make it look new and different. The concept is very simple — you will see the angelic and the demonic traits that reside in the hearts of the celebrity contestants in the house.”

Salman was asked the reason for him to be the host of the show, year after year. He said, “I love the fact that I just have to dedicate one day in a week for the shoot. It's good fun. As the host of the show, it feels good to meet the house inmates, who are eager to see someone who's not a part of the house. They look so happy that it feels great to interact with them.”

Salman also said that the show is touted as ‘family entertainer’ for viewers to believe so. He feels that sometimes the show goes overboard. He said, “I watch the show because I am a part of it. I try and watch it every night, or else before I go on stage to shoot for my weekend episodes. In fact I watch each episode two or three times only to be well-versed with the happenings inside the house. Watching Bigg Boss is interesting as you get to learn a lot. I analyse each contestant's behaviour in different situations. Watching them makes me think ki agar meri life mein aisa hota, toh how would I react. I feel not only me, even the audience get influenced negatively or positively by watching the show. That is because ghar ke andar jo hota hai happens in everybody's house.”

Salman hates when contestants go overboard. He said, “I don't like it at all. I just feel that there is always somebody younger and somebody older who is watching the show. So, if I am a parent, I would not want my kids to watch such obnoxious stuff on TV. I understand when contestants get into genuine fights inside the house, but don't appreciate it when they fight only to create noise and get publicity.”

Salman also revealed that even he suggested the names of the contestants for ‘Bigg Boss’ house. He said, “I can't give you the names, but some of them have already won the show (laughs). Frankly, the research team includes doctors, psychiatrists and other such professionals who interview prospective participants to see if they are fit to go inside the house. They do the background checks and figure if they'll be able to survive in the house for three months. Participants are also picked on the basis of obvious reasons. Like Sana Khan, who got noticed for doing the Yeh toh bada toing hai ad. She is a sweet girl. Besides, what's wrong in doing an underwear ad? There was Mahek Chahal, who I didn't even know was approached for the show. I am sure the reason they chose her was because of rumours that linked us together. I recommended Niketan Madhok's name. I had mentioned his name for some other season of the show. He was very happy to go inside the house. I told him, "Dude, you are going to face hell in there." And he said, "No, it's okay, I just needed a place to stay!" I have worked with Dolly Bindra before. When Colors asked me to talk to her for the show, I told them that she would not like to be a part of it. On the contrary, when they called her up, she said a 'yes' to them!”