Salman Khan snubs John’s girl Bipasha Basu

The ongoing feud between actors Salman Khan and John Abraham continues into the New Year too, with Salman refusing to forgive and forget the latter’s behaviour during the rockstars tour. Salman has made several jibes against John in the past few months, one of the most recent ones being that Baabul didn’t do too well at the box-office due to the latter half which incidentally had John leading. Salman has even ignored him publicly thus making his dislike for John quite clear to one and all. However now Salman seems to be taking the fight one step further and is said to have recently even snubbed John’s girlfriend and actress Bipasha Basu.
Though Salman and Bips have worked together in the film No Entry and have been cordial to each other, it now seems that Salman is not in the mood to be nice to Bipasha simply because she happens to be John’s girl. Recently Bipasha greeted Salman when they both came face to face at the GIFA awards but Salman actually ignored her. Then even at the Salaam-E-Ishq function where all the actors walked the ramp, Bipasha once again tried to greet Salman, but once more he ignored her and simply looked away when she said hello. According to sources “Bipasha is irritated with Salman’s childish attitude and has decided not to give a dam either.”

However this is not the first time that Bipasha and Salman seem to be have clashed. Earlier on when the two actors went on a world concert tour with a few other stars the two couldn’t get along and there were rumours of a tiff between them. According to sources “other actresses had toed Salman’s line, but Bipasha had stood up to him. Salman had tried to cow her down, but he did not succeed as Bips is really spirited.” This was the first friction and though Salman was later cordial with Bips and the whole matter was buried, it is quite clear that Salman has never forgotten the incident entirely. Now Salman it seems has one more reason to get back at Bips as she is John’s girlfriend. However both Bips as well as John seem to be refraining from getting back at Salman publicly, perhaps they are well aware that Salman is a senior in the industry and does have a bit of clout amongst some members in the film industry. Well it seems that Salman is holding on to old grudges and may continue to do so.