Salman Khan slaps security guard at 'Bharat' premiere

Salman Khan is again in the news for all wrong reasons. The superstar slapped security guard for misbehaving with his little fan Mayhem at ‘Bharat’ premiere. The actor lost his cool and reportedly slapped a security guard for manhandling a young fan. We all know Salman Khan has a huge fan following. Fans from young to old adore the superstar.

A young fans, who tried to get closer to the superstar his security guard pushed away the child and as soon as Salman saw this, he immediately went up to the guard and slapped him in front of the onlookers.

Social media users reacted to the incident. Some favours Salman’s reaction while some slammed the actor.

“Omg, @BeingSalmanKhan literally slapped a security guard for getting rough with a fan kid!” one person wrote on Twitter.

One person wrote, “It’s only @beingsalmankhan who can slap his bodyguard in front of public for behaving rudely with his fans ‘’tamacha zor ka pada boss.”

Another user wrote# Awesome @BeingSalmanKhan ! Haters will make up some negative stories but for FYI : Salman slapped his security guard who failed to take care of small kids getting trampled in crowd! That is SALMAN KHAN for YOU!

The security guy clearly doing his job ...we all know the how difficult is to handle a big crowd ...who the f* Salman Khan is to slap someone or decide something what is right or wrong ? If u have a problem just file a case you can’t just can’t harass or abuse someone!, another user wrote.

"True human can never see torture on children. Salman is a true human being." Another gushed, "One of the million reasons why we love this man." But there is a section of social media users who slammed Salman for slapping the security man.

One Instagram user wrote, "This is not the way to deal. He (security guard) was doing his job. It's very difficult to handle fans."

"This man needs to be in jail for all the crimes committed, including hitting the security", a netizen wrote.