Salman Khan slaps his bodyguard

Superstar Salman Khan is again in the news for all wrong reasons. Controversy's favourite child Salman lost his temper and slapped his bodyguard. It all happened when Salman during ‘Kick’ promotions was interacting with his fans. Fans went berserk to see Sallu and they went close to him to get his autographs and got too close to him to get a close photograph with their matinee idol.

In doing so, one of the fans got too close to Salman. He wrapped his arm around Salman’s shoulder to get a close-up photo and seeing this Sallu’s bodyguard tried to distance the fan from Salman and his bodyguard mistakenly hit the fan’s arm.  Salman reacted strongly and seeing his fans being treated badly, he immediately slapped his bodyguard and shouted to all of them that no one has the right to treat his fans in such a manner.

Salman Khan’s changing mood is always been talked about in public and his reaction is speculated to be the outcome of photographers ban and ahead of the ‘Kick’ release, he does want to treat his fans badly.